Trial Application and Download

The software of this website is all shareware, so you can try before you buy. We offer the trial version download; downloading and trying the software is completely free.

What's the difference between the trial version and registered version?

The trial version provides 15 uses of the free trial, and during the probationary period, you can determine whether it meets your needs or not. The trial version provides all the functions of the registered version. However, there will be a watermark on the output files. In the meantime, for the batch conversion, you can only choose three files. These restrictions will be removed after your registration. If you buy the software, and register with the registration code, the trial version will turn into the registered version automatically, without the need to re-download.

Download and Install

You can click the download links in the download list below. Our software is compatible with any version of Windows. All of our software installation files end with ".exe". You can double-click them to install after the download. It is the normal prompt that an "Unknown Publisher" window pop ups during the installation process on Win7 and Vista; you can click to continue installing. All of our software has gone through a strict anti-virus process. We guarantee that there are no viruses, Trojan horses and spyware. All software is equipped with an "uninstall program" file, so that you can uninstall the program at any time.

Product Version Current vesion Release Date Size Limitation Download
PDF to ePub Converter
Stand V 3.0.6 2011-10-23 3428K(3.14M) 15times use
Pro V 3.0.6 2011-10-23 13028K(12.7M) 15times use
PDF to Kindle Converter
Stand V 3.0.6 2011-10-23 5428K(4.93M) 15times use
Pro V 3.0.6 2011-10-23 14778K(14.4M) 15times use
ePub to Kindle Converter
Stand V 2.0.4 2011-09-12 2828K(2.81M) 15times use
ePub to PDF Converter
Stand V 2.0.1 2011-09-12 4428K(4.78M) 15times use
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