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PDF to ePub Converter helps you convert PDF to ePub format, so you can read eBooks more easily on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Sony Reader or other eBook Readers.

current version: 3.0.5
release date: 2011-08-06
Size: 3428K(3.41M)
File Type: exe
Language: English
Limitation: 15 times Free Trial
Download: Local  
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What are the differences between the trial version and registered version?

In trial version, you can only use this software within 15 times. And if you have the registered one after you paid for it, we will always provide you the free upgrade to our newest version and the best after sell services.

Minimal Configuration: Recommended Configuration:
Operating System Windows 98/Me/2000 Operating System Windows XP/2003/Vista/win7
Processor (CPU) Pentium II / Athlon 300 MHz or above Processor (CPU) Pentium III / Athlon 700 MHz or above
RAM 64 MB or above RAM 128 MB or above
Hard Drive(s) Size 100M Free Space or above Hard Drive(s) Size 1G Free Space or above

We recommend to uninstall the previous copy before installing the latest version.

   PDF to ePub Converter Version Changes:
-- V.3.0.5 released on 2011-08-06
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Fix large pdf crash bug
-- V.3.0.3 released on 2011-06-26
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Fix title setting bug;
Supports convert pdf bookmarks to epub toc;
Improve interface;
Improve paragraph check;
-- V.3.0.2 released on 2011-04-23
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Fix pdf page shows bugs;
Improve text sort in some complicated pdf;
-- V.3.0.1 released on 2011-04-19
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
Support: Multi-column PDF convert;
Support: Table, Chart convert;
Support: Maths formula convert;
Support: Any PDF element imaging;
Support: ePub preview;
Support: "What You See Is What You Get" convert mode.
-- V.2.2.5 released on 2011-01-16
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix a crash bug for process some pdf file.
-- V.2.2.4 released on 2011-01-05
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix a crash bug.
improve epub file output path.
improve title, author, subject setting.
-- V.2.2.3 released on 2010-12-13
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix no epub output bug.
improve title, author, subject read from source pdf file.
-- V.2.2.2 released on 2010-08-31
What's new:
support multi-language pdf.
support convert pdf Document Outline into epub file.
-- V.2.2.1 released on 2010-08-04
What's new:
support convert pdf include link into epub file.
support convert font color into epub file.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
improve font size, bold, etc.
fix font scale bug.
-- V.2.2.0 released on 2010-07-10
What's new:
add create cover image feature.
campatible Kindle reader and selled ebook format.
add a layout mode "strict" which for convert complex or muli-columns pdf file.
add a layout mode "imaged" which for convert pdf to image every page into epub.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix page breaking bug.
-- V.2.1.9 released on 2010-05-30
What's new:
add option to set fix image size.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix word output bugs.
improve words and image shows.
-- V.2.1.8 released on 2010-05-18
What's new:
add option can set the font scale.
-- V.2.1.7 released on 2010-05-13
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix edit button bug.
fix text retun bug.
-- V.2.1.6 released on 2010-05-05
What's new:
add preview and edit output file feature.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix picture output bugs.
improve text shows.
-- V.2.1.5 released on 2010-05-01
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix some batch converter mode bugs.
fix bug that when select many more pdf file import one time.
-- V.2.1.4 released on 2010-04-20
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
improve text layout shows.
full compatible opf.
fix cover meta bug.
fix output folder bug.
fix especial file name bug.
compatible epubcheck 1.0.5.
-- V.2.1.3 released on 2010-04-11
What's new:
support ppm, pbm, pgm file output.
support make cover for epub file.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
improve picture show.
fix some bugs.
-- V.2.1.2 released on 2010-04-05
What's new:
support PDF 1.6, 1.7 version file.
support separate pages.
support font output.
support PDF layout converters.
support html encoder and extern-ascii charset output.
Improvements and Bug Fixes:
fix pdf error format cause carshing.
improve output file structs.
improve process bar shows.
improve file sort.
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