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PDF to ePub Converter Professional PDF to ePub converter integrates conversion, setting, editing and output together.

Nowadays, readers are more and more popular, and pdf is a very popular e-book format. However, when you read the pdf, you will often encounter some problems. If the screen is too small, you need to move the scroll bar left or right, which is an uncomfortable experience. Now you have a solution, that is, to convert it into epub format, which is a very popular e-book format, and which is supported by almost all readers, including iPad, iphone, Sony Reader, Nook and so on. The epub format is a format similar to html stream, and the biggest advantage is that it can adapt to different sizes of screen, which can greatly improve your reading experience. It is really great! The software can almost perfectly convert pdf into epub. PDF is a layout format; so in fact, converting pdf into epub is not an easy task (e.g. the paragraph detection, multi-column document processing, and conversion of tables, mathematical formulas and charts). The general converter can convert pdf rigidly, so the format becomes a mess. For slightly more complex documents, almost all cannot read after conversion. The software provides a powerful and easy-to-use function to handle complex pdf documents and to maintain the "original flavour" of documentation as much as possible.

Software features:

100% accurate text conversion

Supports PDF files in various languages and the accurate conversion of texts, including font colour, size, plus can zoom font size after conversion.

100% accurate image conversion

Supports conversion of various images in PDF files and maintains their original size and position. You can zoom DPI after conversion and set the output image accuracy.

Smart detection of words, paragraphs

PDF has no concept of paragraphs. If output is the original, there will be a lot of punctuation or each line will form a paragraph, thus affecting the reading. The software automatically detects and identifies the paragraph, and keeps the content in the original logic. Therefore, fluent reading can be obtained after conversion.

"WYSIWYG" mode conversion

The software provides an xml / html preview screen; each page can preview the conversion effect before output, and you can always adjust as well as modify the parameters until you reach your desired results.

Supports the conversion of multi-column documents (Professional Version Only)

Provides multi-column mode conversion, and it can identify document correct order in multi-column documents.

Supports conversion of simple tables (Professional Version Only)

Automatically identifies simple tables in PDF, and converts into tables of html, which are editable.

Supports mathematical formulas, graphs, and all other complex document elements.

A mathematical formula's layout in html is a complicated thing. Generally, after PDF conversion, the mathematical formula will lose its original position, and the format will become fragmented. The software provides an interactive interface; you can export it into graphic format and solidify its format. This function can be applied to charts, vector charts, and other complex PDF elements.

Supports the removal of the page header, footer and other duplicated contents.

Under normal circumstances the output of the ePub document should remove the repeated page header and footer. This software allows users to set the PDF output area,

Supports bookmarks and catalogue conversion

PDF bookmarks and catalogues are automatically converted into TOC of ePub with the original document structure, which is easy to browse and read.

EPub editing function (Professional Version Only)

The software bundles with free ePub editing software, thus making the software integrate conversion and editing, as well as allowing users to easily edit every detail of the output file to meet their needs.

Batch conversion

The software can select any quantity of files, and can automatically achieve batch conversion without attendance.

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