PDF to ePub Converter

This software perfectly converts PDF documents into ePub format. Since PDF is a page based format and ePub is a stream format (more like HTML), converting PDF into ePub is not an easy task. We do not just convert the PDF rigidly like other programs (which can produce a real mess). Instead, we properly handle the more complex features of PDF (e.g. paragraph detection, multi-column processing, and the conversion of tables, mathematical formulas, and charts) to create a much nicer ePub document which still retains as much of the "original flavour" of the original document as possible.

PDF to Kindle Converter

This software converts PDF into the mobi format supported by Kindle. Kindle itself supports PDF reading, but it has many problems.Its main problem is that if your PDF page is larger than the screen, you end up having to scroll horizontally when reading each line. This makes reading almost unbearable. The mobi format is similar to html in that it can automatically adapt to a variety of screen sizes. It also allows you to alter the font size to make reading easier. Similar to the PDF to ePub Converter software, the software perfectly converts the more complex features of PDF and maintains the "original flavour" of the original document as much as possible.

EPub to Kindle Converter

This software is mainly for solving the problem that the Kindle cannot be supported by the epub format. Nowadays, ePub has become a very popular e-book format. However, the Kindle does not support it. This software can convert mobi into the ePub format, which can be easily read on the Kindle. EPub and mobi formats are similar, so after conversion, it is fully consistent with the original document.

EPub to PDF Converter

Currently, ePub has become a very popular e-book format. There are a lot of e-readers to support it. However, it still often needs to be converted to PDF. This software can quickly and easily convert ePub into PDF format; you can set the PDF page size, margins, and font size. It also supports batch conversion.

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